Preach the Word Rwanda

Dear partner,

Here we are a couple of months to the end of the year! It is fitting to praise the Lord! Who could have predicted how it will go for anybody or anything in our lives when the Covid19 pandemic broke out at the beginning of the year? James taught us wisdom about planning. Just after our plans are fleshed out in thoughts or words, to add “if the LORD wills…”. Otherwise it would be arrogant boasting! (James 4:13- 16). We are awed and encouraged at how the Lord has backed, redefined and at times discarded the plans we had at the beginning of the year. We are thankful to the Lord for some further developments in the work under our hands.

Registration at last!

Since November last year, all the necessary requirements were in place, or so we thought, for us to be registered and so begin to handle some administrative and financial services ourselves, rather than this being done by sister organisations here. We thought within one month we would have our legal registration certificate! It has taken a good rounded year, but we are thankful, we finally have the Legal Personality Certificate.

Preach the Word (PTW) turned Word Increase Ministry (WIM)

From now on, these newsletters will be titled “Word Increase Rwanda”! We shared in our last newsletters the difficulties we had in finding a name meeting the conditions of the law, yet expressing who we are. We tried all gimmicks around ‘The Word’, a so dear and so defining word for what we do, hoping we would land on something not already taken whether locally or internationally. The exercise was daunting! It is amazing how this ‘Word Increase’ phrase, randomly picked from Acts.6:7 expresses in so specific terms what we are actually about. “…And the word of God continued to increase, and the number of the disciples multiplied greatly in Jerusalem, and a great many of the priests became obedient to the faith.” In our Rwandese language, we have a saying: “As the name is, so is the person”. We are happy to live for what this verse expresses. It is our prayer that we will be what we are called by. May the Word of God continue to increase, the number of disciples multiply greatly and a great many of ‘priests’ become obedient to the Faith in our land and beyond, in Jesus Name!

Donations now to go through LWI

We hereby express again our deep gratitude to Africa Inland Mission and to New Creation Ministries for the administrative and financial services we have been receiving since the beginning of this programme. We will soon have our own accounts and be able to handle those services on our own. Beginning with this November, donations can be deposited to the Living Word International account because LWI will very easily make direct transfer to our account. (See below for the LWI account details)


Our zoom classes continued well. This last term we have been climbing the glorious mountains of Isaiah as our lead book for Old Testament prophecy. It has been so refreshing both for the students and the teachers. It is an enormous privilege to be called to teach God’s word! The next two months we will end with Isaiah and take up Revelation.

We hope also to resume live class teaching by next month. The number of Covid19 infections has greatly dropped and the government has allowed schools to resume beginning with this November. As a school- type work, we will also resume live class, of course still observing the wearing of masks and social distancing!

Thaddeus training at Cornhill online

We thank God for the wisdom He gave the Proclamation Trust Leaders to run the Cornhill Training Course online for the intake 2020/2021. That way it has been easy for our brother and staff member Thaddeus to enroll while staying with his family and still serving in ministry. We believe this may prove very helpful as a student has a way to directly apply the principles learned in his very context.

Give Thanks

  • The Legal Personality obtained
  • The blessings of teaching God’s word
  • The grace of health for staff, students and their families
  • For God’s provision in the last hard months of Covid19.
  • For the significant receding of Covid19 infections in the country.

Pray With Us

  • That everything will go well when we resume live teaching in class
  • For staff member Thaddeus, currently training at Cornhill, to be effectively equipped for Bible teaching ministry
  • For wisdom as we revise teaching content for next year in order to really practically help students in handling God’s word
  • As we intend to recruit some former students astrainers, pray that the Lord gives willing and capable candidates