Ministry in India*

Cross Connections supports this ministry in India, which plants churches, trains preachers and sends out missionaries. The ministry also provides a Christian education for under-priveledged children and cares for widows. * We are not able to share the name of this ministry on our website.

Prayer Updates

Changed life story of Laxmi: brother Murthy whom we trained. He is from high caste capu people group. Laxmi is from Hindu background. She used to worship many gods in the villages and she is from kapu caste. One I visited there family and started sharing my story and then the Gospel. She is really interested in hearing that but her husband refused not to tell about Jesus. It was hard on my heart but I can sense the Holy Spirit saying to me to go back again to this house and share the Gospel. Next day I went and shared the Gospel to her but her husband dint refuse this time. I praised God that day sister laxmi gave her life to Jesus and it was a big step she started coming to the church. Laxmis husband heard the Gospel but he is not willing to give his life to Jesus but allowed her wife to come to Church. After few weeks he came and said he wants to follow Jesus and now he regularly come to the church. We thank God for his work in this family. There’re forefathers and fathers worshipped gods in the village now they worship our true God. Many of his family members are still opposing them but God is at work. She says she want to be like Samaritan woman and share the gospel with all her family members.