Cross Connections was founded in the late 1990's, by David Jackman and Richard Borgonon, specifically to channel financial support to indigenous and well-researched frontline ministries across the world, which focus especially upon Bible teaching and training. Many of the original recipients were international ex-students of the Cornhill Training Course, who had returned to their home situations in the majority world, to try to establish similar courses but with few, or no, resources to support them.

Nearly 20 years later, we continue to support Biblical gospel ministries in over 30 different contexts around the world. For many this support is the vital ingredient which enables these ministries to continue and to grow, especially where resources are few and comparative poverty makes local fund raising next to impossible.

Donors to Cross Connections have always given anonymously with their support either being directed at their request to specific ministries or being designated for the "Chairman's Fund" which enables us to hold a general reserve to be spread among the accepted projects, according to current needs, at the discretion of a small steering-group. In future this will operate as the "Cross Connections Fund", with the allocations based on the assessment of the degree of dependence each ministry has on our support.
David Jackman

The original Director of the Cornhill Training Courses, David has an unparalleled knowledge of past students who have gone on to start specific ministries. In addition, as a travelling lecturer and Christian speaker, he has maintained first-hand knowledge of many of the ministries Cross Connections supports. Finally, his network of contacts acts as a huge resource in researching new projects as they come forward.

Peter Butler

Involved, with his wife Diana, in Cross Connections from its very start, Peter has built up a personal connection with many of the ministries involved in Cross Connections. He has shared with David Jackman responsibility for keeping in contact and acting as a focal point for ministries around the world. As the past Chairman of the Navigators in the UK, he brings a strong background in Christian charity workings.

Richard Borgonon

The founder of the Christian charity The Rock Foundation in 1986, it was Richard’s vision that first started Cross Connections with David Jackman and Peter Butler. For many years Richard has supplied the confidential infrastructure through The Rock Foundation for processing the funds received and making sure they safely arrived at the ministries supported all around the world. He continues to administer the Cross Connections Fund in collaboration with David Jackman.

Rebecca Panting

Rebecca joined the Cross Connections team at the end of 2014 to help with the administration of the group. She is responsible for maintaining the website, arranging meetings and administering finances.